About - Energy Voices
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What is the aim of Energy Voices?

In April this year, the government decided to stop issuing new exploration permits for New Zealand’s natural gas and petroleum resources.

This decision impacts on all New Zealanders – how we live our lives, our environment and the economy.

Energy Voices gives affected workers and families a chance to have their say. They face an uncertain future and they deserve a voice.

The process of passing new laws to lock in the ban was rushed and the evidence ignored. The Energy Voices campaign will continue giving the people affected a chance to be heard and providing balance in the debate.

Energy Voices explains the serious damage this policy will have on New Zealand’s economy.

Thousands of jobs could be lost. The New Zealand government will miss out on many billions of dollars in royalties and taxes.  That money could help us build a better future for Kiwi families.

At the same time, ending offshore exploration will do nothing to reduce global emissions or help the environment. We won’t use any less oil or natural gas; it just means we will have to import it more expensively from overseas.

For this reason, the Government’s own advisers say this decision is more than likely to increase emissions. That’s a lose-lose outcome for the economy and the environment.

The science shows that natural gas can be an important tool as we transition to a low-carbon economy.  It can help us use less coal and keep energy prices down.

Many people don’t realise the impact this decision has on New Zealanders.

Energy Voices is not about us or the Government; it’s about the impact on New Zealanders and their families.

Who are Energy Voices?

PEPANZ  – the Petroleum Exploration & Production Association of New Zealand – has started the Energy Voices campaign to give those directly impacted the chance to be heard, to raise awareness of the negative impacts, and to build public support for restoring offshore exploration for oil and natural gas.

Over the past months we’ve talked to a wide range of people who are seriously concerned about the impacts this policy will have on New Zealanders.

The exploration decision will have such a serious impact for New Zealand that we can’t just stay quiet. This is an unusual step for us and one we didn’t make lightly, but that’s how important this issue is.

How Energy Voices will campaign:

This is not a partisan campaign and it’s not aimed at politicians; instead, it’s aimed at all New Zealanders.

Take the time to learn more about the decision, the facts and what the impacts will be. Talk to your friends and families to raise the level of debate in our community. A better-informed New Zealand will make better decisions for our future.

Take part in the discussion, have your say and tell the Government what you think.