About - Energy Voices
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What is the aim of Energy Voices?

Energy Voices is a campaign on the importance of natural gas to New Zealanders.

Hot showers, cooking and heating are just some of the ways we use this great energy source in our homes.

It keeps electricity prices down, creates jobs, and powers our economy.

So many of our factories and industries rely on natural gas to create products like food and building materials. Jobs and exports rely on it, and in many cases, there is no realistic alternative.

It’s a great earner too. Producing natural gas and petroleum here in New Zealand earns the Government around $420 million per year in royalties and taxes, it generates around 11,000 jobs and new producing fields pay 42% of profit to the Government.

Natural gas is also helping us transition to a lower carbon world. It has half the emissions of coal, which is why around the world it’s in huge demand. And it makes renewable energy possible by providing a crucial back-up at the flick of a switch.

We want to see New Zealand making the most of this great natural asset. Let’s develop it carefully and sustainably here, rather than importing more expensive and higher-emitting fuels from overseas.

Put simply – natural gas provides the energy for better lives.

Who is Energy Voices?

The Energy Voices campaign is proudly run by Energy Resources Aotearoa. We represent energy resources people, from explorers and producers to users of natural resources like oil, LPG, and natural gas.

We support balanced energy choices because balance benefits all New Zealanders as we transition to a lower emissions future.