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Energy Voices – the next phase!

Energy Voices – the next phase!

The Energy Voices campaign has started a new and revitalised phase.

Over the rest of this year we’ll be sharing a series of new videos and graphics outlining how important natural gas is to the cost of living and quality of life for New Zealanders.

We’ll be explaining how it lowers the cost of electricity and means we don’t have to import more expensive and higher emitting fuels from overseas.

It’s no surprise that 400,000 New Zealand homes, schools, hospitals and businesses rely on natural gas. It provides energy for cooking, heating and hot showers and powers many of our factories and industries.

However, new figures out this month show we have just 11 years of natural gas reserves left. This means that new exploration and development is crucial.

We want to see New Zealand making the most of this great natural resource we are blessed with.

This is the story we’ll be telling to New Zealanders for the rest of 2019 and we’d really appreciate your support. If you haven’t already, please have a look and follow Energy Voices on social media: FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn, or visit our website

Thanks again for all your support and feedback!