We're back! - Energy Voices
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We’re back!

We’re back!

Energy Voices is back for 2020!

Now more than ever, we need locally-produced energy to power our economic recovery. So many of our factories and industries rely on natural gas to create products like food and building materials, creating jobs and exports for Kiwis.

As we rebuild from the impacts of Covid-19 our homes and businesses need affordable, reliable and sustainable energy. That’s where New Zealand natural gas comes in.

This year the ‘Energy Voices’ campaign will be highlighting the benefits of producing our local energy here in New Zealand, rather than relying on imports.

It will also cover the importance of natural gas to our daily lives and the crucial role it plays as a transition fuel helping lower emissions. 

In a nutshell, it’s about telling the story of our industry and how we benefit New Zealand.

We have already started sharing new pictures and videos on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn with more to come. Please keep an eye out, and like, share and comment our posts.