Why natural gas? - Energy Voices
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Why natural gas?

The Numbers:


The number of homes and businesses in New Zealand that use natural gas or LPG.


Natural gas provides 21% of New Zealand’s total energy, providing homes, businesses, schools and hospitals with hot water, heating, and cooking. A large number of factories and industries rely on natural gas to produce food and building materials, helping power our economic recovery.

11,000 jobs

The New Zealand oil and natural gas industry generates up to 11,000 highly paid jobs.

11 years

New Zealand has roughly 11 years of natural gas reserves remaining at current levels of demand. Without new exploration and development there is likely to be increases in the costs of energy for all New Zealanders.


Increasing electricity generation to replace natural gas would require a 35% increase in electricity generation. This would be extremely expensive and unrealistic.


Oil and natural gas together provide 54% of New Zealand’s energy.


The government collects around 42% of oil and natural gas profits through royalties and company taxes. This helps pay for social services like schools and hospitals.


Natural gas provides 21% of total energy used in New Zealand and 14% of our electricity supply.